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Why Choose Acorn?

An individualised education experience

At Acorn, we treat each child as an individual, ensuring they receive the support and care they require, both academically and pastorally, to realise their true potential.

A curriculum for life

Our curriculum is carefully designed to develop our pupils' intellectual, creative and practical skills and prepare them for an ever-changing world.

A balanced approach to technology

Our balanced approach to technology protects the childhood of our youngest children whilst preparing our eldest students for the modern world.


Our Students' Stories


Courtauld Institute of Art


Spanish and Russian Languages

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My Acorn

Parents - Joanna (Director Heartfelt Care) and Charlie (UN Development Programme)

"Our children have been at The Acorn School for 14 years and the holistic approach to teaching is both broad and flexible allowing them to explore their interests and passions as they grow through the school.

We hugely appreciate the ‘small school, human scale’ education at The Acorn School where the 18-year olds greet the six-year olds by name in the playground. Teachers know and understand each child’s needs and can tailor their learning accordingly. "

English and Maths
from 6-18 years

We believe that offering a broad curriculum up until the age of 18 helps to build confident, balanced and conscientious adults. Mathematics and English for Life are the cornerstone of the Acorn curriculum for all students until they leave school.

Until the age of 18, students study subjects such as Mathematics for Life, English for Life, IT, physics, biology, English literature, history of art, choir, physical education, social education and art/craft.

In their final two years at Acorn, students choose 2 or 3 elective subjects to study as their major academic focus in preparation for university.

Complimenting this is a strong outdoor education program including mountain walking, mountain biking, climbing, surfing, bushcraft and a host of educational and cultural trips.

Providing an education for life

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Exam Stress


University Acceptance


Different Universities Attended


Highest peak climbed (m)



Over the last 25+ years, every student who has chosen to further their studies at univerity has secured a place without taking state exams.

Every course studied and every university attended is displayed in the word cloud below.


50+ Universities including 10 out of the 24 Russell Group universities


Over 40+ different degree subjects studied


68% of all students obtained a First, Distinction or 2.1


100% of students who applied to attend university were accepted

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Do you have children ready to start their first school adventure, considering their next step into secondary education or are you thinking about a changing your child’s school?

By offering a unique, child-centred approach to education, we provide an inspiring environment so that each child is respected and loved for who they are.

Prospective parents are warmly invited to get in touch to arrange a school tour.

My Acorn

Parents - Helen (Accountant) and Frank (Design Engineer)

"Ralph joined Class 5 in September 2018 and for the first time, since being at Acorn, he has developed a real interest in his own capabilities and achievements, whether that be lighting a fire in 'Outdoor Adventurers', creating a beautiful drawing or getting his sums right. The teachers really 'see' Ralph as an individual and care for him. He is engaged and inspired which has led to a boost in his confidence and enthusiasm in learning. We love all the outdoor activities, age appropriate Tech policy, the balanced male:female teacher ratio, excellent leadership and the strong supportive Acorn community. We are so happy to be part of it "

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